Our History

Solid Green Companies was founded with the mission to be a catalyst for sustainable Net Zero buildings – to meet today’s market demands for real and available Net Zero energy alternatives. Our mission is to be the premiere provider of SMART Net Zero™ energy buildings. Our team is leading the way with the 5-point SMART Net Zero platform that covers the critical steps needed to Educate, Innovate, Manufacture, Construct, and Steward the next generation of buildings. Our SMART Net Zero energy platform allows us to team with the best technology and delivery partners to offer our customers better structures, and lower total cost of ownership with a faster return on investment. As a result, our customers experience a cleaner, smarter, and greener building system.

Spur Innovation with

Our Services


Innovation + Manufacturing + Construction

Solid Green Development is a research and development operation – always looking for smarter ways to bring sustainability to the building industry through materials, systems, and partnerships
focused on:

  • SMART Net Zero R&D

  • Scientific Systems

  • Profitable Collaboration

  • Conscious Sustainability

  • Measurable Accountability


Science + Systems + Software

Solid Green Systems supplies a patented, environmentally responsible, and integrated EPS foam and light-gauge steel panel system for walls and roofs focused on:

  • SMART Net Zero Building Practices

  • Sustainable Building Materials

  • Distributed Manufacturing

  • Integrated Energy Components

  • Reduced Energy Use

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Design + Build + Deliver

Solid Green Structures delivers on the demand for SMART Net Zero structures by teaming with owners, developers, investors, and architects to provide our clients with a turn-key solution focused on:

  • SMART Net Zero Design

  • Thoughtful Planning

  • Intelligent Buildings

  • Optimum Energy Savings

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

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