13 Best Practices For Net Zero Energy Buildings


A Net Zero Energy Building Is One That Uses No More Energy Annually Than Its Renewable Energy System Generates.

It imports energy when site resources are insufficient, and it exports energy when what’s generated exceeds the building’s usage. There are strategies that most of these buildings share, that permit us to begin to codify best practices for these homes and other buildings. As you’ll see, the energy system itself comes last.

  1. Educate and motivate the occupants
  2. Focus on all energy uses, not just heating
  3. Orient the building well and exclude or admit the sun as needed seasonally
  4. Minimize cooling loads
  5. Build a super-insulated, thermal-bridge-free envelope
  6. Build it airtight
  7. Use triple-glazed windows with insulated sash and frames
  8. Heat and cool with electrically driven air-source heat pumps
  9. Use heat recovery ventilation
  10. Make hot water with heat pumps or solar thermal
  11. Use efficient lighting and lighting controls
  12. Select the most efficient appliances and equipment
  13. Provide a renewable energy system to power the building

Check out the 13 Best Practices for Net Zero Energy Buildings and the Full Article by Marc Rosenberg with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.

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