24 Ways The Smart Net Zero Energy Process Boosts Roi Over The Life Of A Building


Too many building projects today are still decided on building costs alone. But there is another financial perspective that is much more powerful – the total cost of ownership over the life of a building using Smart Net Zero Energy.

When structures are built with the SMART Net Zero building methodology – which includes an annual average energy bill of $0 – building owners save money and gain value in their buildings over the building’s life in 24 different ways.

Here are the 24 ways building owners gain value from Smart Net Zero Energy buildings at every stage of the life of the building – from design to building use.

Design Stage
Scientific systems can identify which, among many options, is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective approach for each building project. At this stage, building owners gain savings from:

1. Smarter building design based on scientific innovation
2. Collaborative building relationships and streamlined building processes
3. Alternative energy partners with Net Zero expertise

Build Stage
From advanced building materials to the right combination of energy-efficient add-ons, there are multiple opportunities for cost savings during the build. At this stage, building owners gain savings from:

4. Better building materials – including better insulating, higher strength to weight ratio, and minimum deterioration
5. High performance envelop with superior tightness and thermal resistance
6. Straighter, stronger, more stable finished walls
7. Efficient building material integration, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more
8. Streamlined energy components
9. 15% faster build over standard methods
10. Job site proximity savings
11. Lower job site waste

Energy Use Stage
Lower energy use is the pinnacle of cost savings opportunities in SMART Net Zero buildings. Leveraging smart science, we are find the ideal energy plan for each building.At this stage, building owners gain savings from:

12. Scientifically designed zero-energy roadmap
13. Up to 50% lower utility bills
14. 40 to 60% smaller AC units
15. Lower to no contraction and expansion due to no settling cracks and air infiltration

Building Use Stage
At the building use stage, owners will reap the many benefits of Net Zero energy savings from the following:

16. Lower carbon footprint
17. Lower building maintenance costs
18. Up to 25% lower insurance rates
19. Longevity over wood structure
20. Lower mold risk
21. Lower toxicity over wood
22. Lower termite risk
23. Lower fire risk
24. Higher appraisal value over cost-to-construct

In addition to these 24 cost savings over the life of the building, SMART Net Zero buildings also deliver several significant quality of life benefits including:

  • Elegant, efficient, and flexible building designs

  • Interior and exterior finish flexibility

  • More comfortable living environment

  • Cleaner air quality

  • Quieter, soundproof interior

  • Greener living from 100% recyclable materials

  • Greater pride of ownership from green living

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