We at Solid Green Structures feel the time for change has come. Why should we ever expect a better product in “Green Construction” if we do not evolve by making easier access to electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems in a healthier environment? Solid Green Structures panels are Insulated Concrete Panels designed for ease of utility service installation in the exterior walls…even after sheetrock, tape, float, texture and paint is completed. This user friendly design understands that mistakes can happen. Each Solid Green panel includes chases that are designed in such a way that new wiring, replacing wiring or even an error in installation (i.e. your helper installs 14/2 romex instead of 12/2 romex) can be easily corrected. With other I.C.F solutions, the only available option is a costly removal of sheetrock, tape, float, texture and paint. Even more costly repairs are needed where hardwood custom trim, crown molding and wainscoting are present.

We at Solid Green Structures feel that your home’s electrical system, communication cables, low voltage wiring and any new wiring should be easy accessed, repaired, replaced, added or removed in your Home at any point or time you wish at the lowest possible cost to you. Not only are we committed to providing you with an excellent home to meet your current and foreseeable needs, we are planning for future and unforeseen changes for our customer.

​This philosophy is a major part of our commitment to efficiency at Solid Green Structures because we know how expensive it can be when you are not prepared for change. We are proud to offer this option in all panels at no additional cost to the Home Buyer.