When testing the Solid Green structure we found that when temperatures outside drop to 28 degrees the inside temperature remained around 67 degrees with no heating system running. When outside temperatures reached in the 100 degree range the inside temperature remained in the high 70’s to low 80’s with no cooling system running. This is a result of the correct installation of the panel system and managed mechanical ventilation. To keep the fresh air intake at a humidity level equal to the present humidity in the home we dehumidify the air from outside before it enters into the a/c system. Therefore, keeping the humidity level constant allows the Solid Green Structures home to retain a more consistent temperature when heating or cooling than most other residential structures.
There are a few quick notes to consider. It is recommended that all a/c systems be heat pumps with a variable speed fan motor for longer equipment life and electric bills that run steady throughout the year. As for duct work, this is where things get interesting. In the Solid Green Home the attic is sealed on the back side of the roof with 6 inches of spray foam insulation. Not only does this eliminate the need for loose-fill attic floor insulation this reduces duct sizing requirements, increases the life span of the duct system and even allows for the elimination of ducts depending on architectural design.