Solid Green Systems Launches Patented System for Green Building


Solid Green Systems is announcing the launch of their patented technology: a wall and roof system based on a foam insulated panel manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS), a byproduct generated in the refining of crude oil. When combined with light-gauge metal framing, the EPS adds rigidity in the exterior walls and roof. The resulting patented system provides superior insulation, vapor barrier and sound barrier while reducing air infiltration to result in unparalleled energy efficiency.

David Carolan, Founder and President of Solid Green Systems believes their building system will help meet the growing demand for green and energy efficient structures “As the alternative building market grows at 30% or greater annually, we have invested in a process that allows us to integrate our panels with other technologies to provide a solid, sustainable and smart building solution while being as cost effective for construction as traditional building systems.”According to Carolan, “The panel system provides a sustainable and competitive building system. Increased demand for energy and alternatives continues to drive the need for design and innovation. The system benefits include:

  • A solution to meet increased demand for alternative, innovative and energy efficient building systems.

  • Efficient design to bring the cost in line traditional building materials.

  • Manufacturing and distribution opportunities in local, regional, national and global markets.

  • Innovative design, manufacture and rapid deployment for disaster relief.

  • Meets the increased demand for stewardship of natural resources.

​About Solid Green Systems

Solid Green Systems helps builders, developers, distributors, government organizations, non-government organizations and individuals build solid, sustainable and smart residential and commercial structures.

​Contact: (855) 765-4355

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