The Five-step Smart Net Zero Energy Methodology

The Smarter, Leaner, Greener Path to SMART Net Zero Buildings — Today.

Many building professionals are assessing Net Zero building for its nearly unlimited market potential — but they don’t know where to begin. While building green structures is a smart direction for builders, architects, and developers, their efforts have been limited due to a lack of established, streamlined processes that deliver effective cost-saving efficiencies.

In 2012, Solid Green Companies tackled the issues head on — and developed a highly efficient, costeffective, and sustainable green building process for constructing Net Zero energy buildings. Now, it’s easy for builders, architects, and developers to easily and quickly enter the Net Zero marketplace when they partner with us.

What is the SMART Net Zero Methodology?

The SMART Net Zero methodology for building green structures is a collaborative design and build process that includes five steps — powered by our three-part secret sauce. This process ensures the teams, designs, and values are aligned along energy-saving goals, budgets, and ROI — so that together we create the most beautifully designed, cost-effective, and energysaving green buildings available.


At the start of every project, we employ energy modeling software to analyze the design-build options and find the optimal energy-saving, efficient blueprint. This step creates a plan that puts everyone on the same page, focused on the same goals. In this way, we educate the building team the right way — then take action. This step includes:

  1. Separating facts from the fiction in Net Zero building.

  2. Comparing the many cost vs. performance options available for every building project.

  3. Identifying the best path to each building’s construction.

  4. Managing the difference between the building costs and the TCO on every building.

  5. Providing options for building maintenance, automation, financing, and ongoing reporting.


We focus on continuous improvement through research, experiments, and smart collaboration — and bring proven products to every building project. Our innovative approach elevates the ROI of every building project by:

  1. Leveraging existing Net Zero innovations.

  2. Combining high-impact innovations to achieve the maximum end result.

  3. Bringing Net Zero partners into the innovation process.

  4. Testing and analysis to ensure that optimum energy-saving results are achieved.


To make Net Zero construction profitable requires leveraging smart manufacturing and employing lean green building practices. Solid Green Systems’ EPS foam wall and roofing system adds significant performance to every Net Zero building. The EPS foam is an energy-efficient building material, and when combined with light-gauge metal framing, it provides the necessary structural strength for exterior walls and roofs. This includes:

  1. Deploying the smartest, most efficient building practices.

  2. Building with the best-insulating, strongest , most sustainable materials.

  3. Building with the lowest carbon footprint within budget.

  4. Employing building science and collaboration to ensure the lowest energy usage.


Today there are many different ways to design and build green buildings. Our approach is always focused on assessing all critical factors to find the best way to build each building. We strive to construct buildings using these steps:

  1. Employing a collaborative design process that streamlines Net Zero implementation.

  2. Intelligently working with key partners to optimize each building’s energy use, while expediting the building process.

  3. Incorporating lean construction efficiencies from other industries.

  4. Delivering on the promise of fully optimized green buildings with Net Zero energy output.

  5. Eliminating waste across the enterprise, including all trades, back office support, and communication.


We take responsibility to deliver on business goals, including better buildings, lower total cost of ownership, and faster ROI. But also, we hold ourselves accountable for a higher goal — responsible sustainability. To this end, we ask ourselves daily: Are we being good stewards at every level of business operation? For us, stewardship means:

  1. Building structures that achieve optimum levels of reduced energy consumption.

  2. Minimizing depletion of the earth’s precious resources through sustainable building materials, reduced waste production, and efficiently recycling waste.

  3. Taking responsibility for our actions while building better homes and office buildings.

  4. Reducing debt levels for consumers through the building’s lifetime energy costs, so they can afford Net Zero homes.

These five steps are supported by three ingredients in our Net Zero secret sauce — science, systems, and software.

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