The Science of Net Zero Building Design — How to Achieve the Optimum Design

Among the critical decisions in building Net Zero buildings is the design — including the floor plan, green building materials, and energy-saving add-ons. But with hundreds of options available today, this process can add significant time and cost to building a home or office.

The SMART Net Zero green building process pioneered by Solid Green Companies overcomes this problem and speeds up the time-consuming energy-saving design process — thanks to a unique scientific design method. This automated application rapidly calculates hundreds of options for each building’s floor plan, building materials, and energy-saving add-ons. This process reduces hours of manual labor down to minutes of computer time. The end result is the perfect Net Zero-ready design for every residential home or commercial office building.

The Building Advantages of Energy-Design Science

The science of energy design is one of three critical components in our SMART Net Zero green building process — which is available now to help builders, architects, and developers accelerate their move into Net Zero building. Energy-design science gives our building partners several critical business advantages including:

  • Instantly compare thousands of home design alternatives to find the best one — and speed up the design process
  • Optimize every building for lower costs, energy efficiency — as well as better business result
  • Building designs in line with traditional building materials costs
  • Communicate more effectively with partners and clients on the project — to keep the project moving on schedule and on budget
  • Ensure code compliance and reduce callbacks – eliminating time-consuming and cost-draining building headaches
  • And much more

To leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of energy-design on your green building projects, partner with Solid Green Structures. Together we’ll help you start building energy-saving Net Zero buildings today.

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