The Smart Net Zero Approach – Introducing The Net Zero Energy Building Roadmap


Today, leading architects, builders, and developers are building with a Net Zero energy building roadmap – where light commercial and residential customers are demanding greener buildings and lower energy costs. Net Zero homes and offices allow 100% of the building’s energy to be met with onsite renewable energy technologies, like building materials, solar panels, AC, and windows.

Along with reducing energy consumption, a Net Zero energy building roadmap delivers multiple performance benefits – like improved air quality, soundproofing, and mold, termite, and fire resistance. What’s more, when done right, Net Zero buildings improve and accelerate a builders’ Return on Investment.

Solid Green Systems provides architects, builders, and developers with a clear and easy roadmap to Net Zero energy savings with our SMART Net Zero building system – including ecologically sustainable wall and roof systems, energy planning science, and energy monitoring software.

This infographic will give you a quick picture of the potential of Net Zero for your business – and how you can leverage our SMART Net Zero building system to begin building Net Zero buildings today. Check out the Smart Net Zero Infographic

For more information on our Smart Net Zero methodology, sign up here to receive a FREE copy of our SMART Net Zero Now e-book.

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