The Systems of Net Zero Building — How to Build Faster, Stronger, and Greener

Although green building is growing, full adoption by many builders, architects, and developers has been slowed by several factors — including the challenge created by too many green building material options, but not enough of materials that guarantee success. As a result, many green building projects get derailed before the first nail is ever hammered.

The SMART Net Zero green building process pioneered by Solid Green Companies overcomes this challenge by creating ideal green building materials for energy-efficient homes and offices. Our patented EPS foam and light-gauge steel wall and roofing system is designed to deliver everything that is vital to green building construction — including ecologically sound materials, high-performance construction, and a highly efficient building process that speeds up and streamlines the build for every residential home or commercial office building.

The Building Advantages of Green Building Systems

Leveraging high-performance, sustainable building system is one of three critical components in our SMART Net Zero green building process — which is available now to help builders, architects, and developers accelerate their move into Net Zero building. Our patented wall and roofing system gives our building partners several critical business advantages including:

  • Provides a superior thermal envelope created with our EPS foam and light-gauge steel wall and roof system – which delivers over 50% energy savings
  • Replaces wood framing with green materials that are mold, termite, and fire resistant – as well as cooler and more comfortable
  • Combines faster build times with cost-savings – so you gain a rapid ROI.
  • Complies with mandated energy-saving requirements — to streamline and de-stress your green build
  • And much more

To gain the advantages of high-performance, sustainable building systems on your green building projects, partner with Solid Green Structures. Together we’ll help you start building energy-saving Net Zero buildings today.

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