Let’s talk about damage caused by water leaks in the walls. Unless you have x-ray vision you will rarely find that minor leak in your exterior wall until the damage has already happened. Wood and insulation soak up water and hold it to saturation.
Then comes the organic issues, the sheetrock, tape, float, texture and paint all require costly remediation. This problem has been going on for decades. Our solution to this on going home owner problem is simple. Build it better!

Not just for the Plumbers sake, but for the present home owner, building a better structure that addresses common issues in the design will dramatically reduce maintenance costs, reduce the risk of accidents and even the potential loss of the family home. When using Solid Green Structures panels for exterior walls all of the above problems are avoided at no additional cost to the home buyer.

Chases for plumbing lines are furnished every ten inches around the structure from top to bottom of every Solid Green Structures panel. Repairing, replacing or adding new plumbing lines at any stage of construction can be done at minimal cost. All without removing sheetrock, tape, float, texture, paint or even crown molding.

​So, when the one year home warranty is over who pays the repair bill then? By using the Solid Green Structures panel system the home owner can easily upgrade, repair or replace plumbing lines in their exterior walls just like new construction…and unlike conventional wood framing or other I.C.F. (insulated concrete forms) systems.

We at Solid Green Structures choose to think ahead for our customers so they can spend time with their families instead of paying for costly repair bills. Besides, you and your plumber have worked hard to get to this point. We want to make sure plumbing issues can be handled efficiently in the future while living in your Solid Green Structures home.