Solid Green Homes

A Gorgeous, Energy Efficient Home Built on Your Lot

Live beautifully with lower energy bills.

Solid Green Homes partners with home owners – to build SMART Net Zero homes that deliver environmental sustainability with lower energy costs and lower total cost of ownership. With our patented wall and roof panel system plus the advantages of our strategic energy partners you gain a smoother and faster build, higher ROI, and a respected name in the green marketplace.

Not ready yet to go to Net Zero? No problem. Using the Solid Green Home patented wall and roof panel system can reduce your energy needs by 50%. Cutting your energy bills in half is a great first step and your new home will be ready for any alternative energy add-ons when the time is right.

Whether you are looking for a simple ranch house, a comfortable Hill Country home or a modern estate showplace, Solid Green Homes can help you build your dream home on your lot.

Experienced in  single family residences, duplexes, multi-family residential or light commercial buildings, your Solid Green Home will reflect existing architectural styles and trends. You will have the added benefit of greater buying ability due to lower monthly energy bills. Based on their high energy efficiency ratings and solid construction processes, Solid Green Homes also produce higher appraisal values and lower insurance rates. 

Unique advantages to your Solid Green Home:
  • Solid Green Homes deliver flexible sustainable building materials that work with your designs.

  • Solid Green Homes have a superior thermal envelope created with EPS foam and light-gauge steel. This will reduce your need for energy for heating and cooling by as much as 50%.

  • Solid Green Homes replace much of the wood with materials that are resistant to mold, termite,and fire lowering long term maintenance costs and insurance rates on the home.

  • Your Solid Green Home is built using light gauge steel and EPS foam which are sustainable and recycle-able making the construction process environmentally responsible and lowering waste.

  • Your Solid Green Home provides easy integration with all energy saving add-ons, like solar, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, home automation, energy efficient windows and other building components which enables additional energy savings.

  • Your Solid Green Home has superior insulation with excellent sound barrier for quiet indoor living.

  • Your Solid Green Home will have a superior energy rating, creating a higher appraisal value.

  • Financing available through our trusted partners.

Team up with Solid Green Homes to gain every advantage from owning a highly efficient, sustainable home.

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