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Green building systems that meet your customer's desires and your bottom line!

How will you meet the growing demand for green buildings? Are you building structures that are both environmentally sustainable – and at the same time efficient and cost-effective? Do you want flexibility in your designs – as well as lower energy costs? Do you want to be seen as a smart green builder – to compete more successfully in the booming green marketplace?

Solid Green Systems partners with architects, builders, and owners – to build SMART Net Zero buildings that deliver environmental sustainability with lower energy costs and lower total cost of ownership. With our patented wall and roof panel system plus the advantages of our strategic partners you gain a smoother and faster build, higher ROI, and a respected name in the green marketplace.

Systems for Energy-Saving Building

When you employ our SMART Net Zero road map, you’ll gain the highest-performing, energy-saving building material systems available today.

Our SMART Net Zero methodology is a collaborative design and build process that includes five essential steps – powered by our three-part secret sauce: Energy-Design Science, High-Performance Structures, and Energy-Monitoring software. This process ensures the teams, designs, and values are aligned with energy-saving goals, budgets, and ROI – so that together we create the most beautifully designed, cost-effective, and energy-saving green buildings available today.

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Importance of Efficient Building Systems

The building industry has created efficiencies around the use of traditional building materials for decades. Builders, architects, and developers are resistant to losing these efficiencies when they work in the green building marketplace – because common green building inefficiencies lead to slower builds, higher costs, and lower ROI.

That’s why Solid Green Systems brought efficiency to the green building industry by creating a wall and roof building system that delivers both energy and building efficiency. Our building system delivers energy efficiency through its EPS foam and light-gauge steel structure. It delivers building efficiency through lean manufacturing, higher-performance envelopes, fluid integration, and more.

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Business Advantages of Efficient Building

Solid Green Systems has created sustainable structures to achieve our ultimate goal — SMART Net Zero energy-savings on every building project. Today we leverage our sustainable wall-and-roof building structures to gain the following green building advantages:

  • Lean building practices that bring the systems to you – and install on-site

  • High-performance envelope with superior tightness and thermal resistance – and a 50% energy savings

  • Efficient building integration – including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more

  • 15% faster build over standard methods

  • Job site proximity and lower job site waste savings

  • And much more

Partner with Solid Green Systems to gain every advantage from highly efficient, sustainable building structures.

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